A worthwhile choice, a fitting choice

Legoplast exports its packaging, which protects and elevates the goods it holds, all over the world. Legoplast promises quality, strength and durability but above all the possibility to tailor any product to meet your needs. The combination of these characteristics has made Legoplast a world leader in packaging - from polybag to propylene products. Every Legoplast customer is cherished and receives tailored results from the most prestigious brands to our retail clients.

Packaging for men’s and women’s undergarments, lingerie, pyjamas and beachwear - in a wide range of designs and colours.

Pouches for knitwear, shirts, dresses and shoes; bags for linen, sheets, tablecloths and bathrobes.

Cosmetic bags and cases for make-up, fashion accessories and gifts; wallets for stationery and office supplies, shopping bags, boxes, cases and bags for bespoke applications.

Experience and innovation

Fifty years ago, Legoplast was one of the first Italian companies to begin manufacturing plastic packaging. Over the years, the company has constantly updated its systems and technologies; it has invested in research and innovation; and today, its production system stands amongst the most advanced in the industry. Legoplast is also at the forefront in environmental protection through its recycling of industrial waste and utilisation of renewable energy sources.